Introductory Resources

Two Tracks: Design and Research

You'll notice in much of the documentation for this class, we describe two general categories of class projects: designs that solve problems and research that investigates phenomena. When you propose your project, you can choose either kind of project. How can you know which to choose? Let's look a little bit at the two types of projects.

CITI Training

David Joyner discusses CITI, CITI training, and requirements for CS6460.

How to Read an Academic Publication

David Joyner provides tips for how to read an academic publication.

Finding Sources

David Joyner discusses how to find sources for CS6460.

Contributing to the Library

David Joyner discusses class library contributions.

Sharing Your Work Outside of Class

You are never required to share anything you do in this class outside the class. The only people with whom you are required to share your work are the members of the teaching team and your classmate partners during peer review. You are, however, allowed to share your work outside the class if you so choose. Given the open-ended nature of this project, we are not concerned with plagiarism by students in future semesters, and we are aware that your work in this class could — and hopefully will — lead to additional opportunities after the class is over.

Publication Formats and Destinations

David Joyner discusses types of publications, conference paper formats, and paper content. Some conferences are also listed, but may be dated, and the list is not comprehensive.

Project Ideas

While brainstorming this class, we came up with a few sample ideas for possible projects. Note that you absolutely do not need to choose a project from the list below, and in fact, we'd encourage you to create your own project idea. These are just some ideas to get you started, and if one catches your eye, you can feel free to actually pursue it.

How to Give and Receive Effective Peer Reviews

This class involves a lot of peer review assignments; it's crucial to understand how to give and receive effective peer reviews.

Exemplary Peer Reviews

David Joyner describes requirements for exemplary peer reviews.